5 Essential Oils You Need During Pregnancy

These come in handy for practical reasons…but most of all, they make you feel better.

Sure, you can have a healthy pregnancy without using essential oils...

…but I can tell you from personal experience that the healthiest, easiest pregnancy I’ve had was the one where I used essential oils. One of my all-time favorite oils is Stress Away. Pregnancy can be a stressful time and stress isn’t good for babies, so it makes sense to use this oil to help you feel happier and worry less.

Another favorite oil during pregnancy (and anytime!) is frankincense. Frankincense is fabulous for helping you to have healthy-looking skin, which is helpful during a time when some of your skin is being stretched in ways it never has before. Frankincense has been valued for a very long time; it was one of the gifts that the wise men brought to baby Jesus!

I keep Thieves in my house all the time, but especially when I was pregnant. Thieves is perfect to rub on the bottoms of your feet to help your immune system function at its best, while Thieves Vitality can be added to warm water with a little bit of honey to make a yummy tea. Staying well while you’re pregnant is so important!

Essential oils for babies

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I loved drinking NingXia Red every day during pregnancy. I totally believe it contributed to the overall health of both me and my baby! Plus it served as an afternoon pick-me-up!
Also, applying cedarwood to the back of my neck every night was a huge blessing. It helped me get a restful night's sleep when otherwise I may have been uncomfortable and tossing all night.
-Caroline J, mother of 3

The best for last

There are two more essential oils that I feel are imperative for the healthiest and most comfortable pregnancy. Both oils are supportive of the digestive system, because, let’s be honest, your entire abdomen goes through some serious changes and that isn’t always easy on your internal parts. Peppermint essential oil was on my nightstand every single night during my pregnancy so I could grab it and smell it first thing every morning to help my tummy feel better. DiGize Vitality can be taken in a capsule or added to a glass of water, perhaps with a drop of Peppermint Vitality, for another fantastic way to support a healthy digestive system. Here are a few other suggestions about¬†essential oils and pregnancy¬†from a pharmacist.

I’m so glad that I had essential oils to help me through my most recent pregnancy, and I would love to help you get started using them, whether you’re pregnant currently or not!

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