Essential Oils for Kids

Essential oils make for happy babies!

Are Essential Oils Safe for Kids?

After attending a class about essential oils (where the lady teaching the class was convinced that essential oils are pretty much the best thing since sliced bread 🙂 ), I spent weeks researching before I decided to try any. I was initially interested in using oils for my one year old daughter, so it was very important to me to find out whether they were safe to use for kids and babies, and which oils I could use on my children. After tremendous amounts of reading and praying, it became clear to me that not all essential oils can be used for kids, but the quality and purity is what primarily determines whether an essential oil is safe for kids.

Our first experience using essential oils for kids was with lavender.

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Which essential oils are good for kids?

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I love using EOs for optimal respiratory health for my kids. We apply oils such as RC, Raven, Breathe Again, and Dorado Azul topically when they need help. I also love to diffuse those oils in their rooms at night. -Jennifer W, mother of four kids

I love diffusing lavender and cedarwood EOs at night to promote a restful night's sleep for my kids. -Alicia E, mother of four kids

I trust Young Living essential oils for my kids!

Remember how I mentioned that quality and purity is important, especially for kids? It is quite possibly the most important thing, and I have not found another company that is so deeply involved in the entire process…from the time a seed is planted in the ground to when it is put in a bottle as an essential oil and shipped to your house. You can read more information about that Seed to Seal process, but I have actually visited one of the farms and witnessed the process in person! And my kids love visiting the farm, too! The transparency of Young Living with their farms and their entire process is very reassuring to me.

(Oh, and that lady who taught the first class I went to? I had never met her before that day, but now she’s a great friend! I’ve also become certain that essential oils ARE pretty much the best thing since sliced bread! Except they’ve actually been around longer…)

Here’s some information directly from Young Living about using oils in your nursery. I would love to chat with you more about why I think your kids could benefit from EOs, too!

Kids aren't the only ones who can use essential oils!

This free 5-part email series about the essential oils I love for my kids is a great place to start your journey into essential oils. The information applies to adults, too! 🙂

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