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on January 13, 2016


January 2013

After extensive research (and let me assure you, it was extensive) and many prayers for wisdom, I decided to order a bottle of lavender from Young Living through a friend. I needed to know if it could help my then-21-month-old baby feel better. I had decided that if lavender could help her feel better, it was worth diving all in to this crazy essential oil thing.

I used lavender with her multiple times a day for several days and she was like a different child. I was convinced. I needed all the oils. If that one oil was able to make such a huge difference in how she felt, what could the rest of them do?

January 2016

Three years later, and that first bottle of lavender has been replaced countless times. All four of my kids love it. We still use it often for various reasons (you won’t catch me anywhere without a bottle of lavender in my possession!), but now we also have an arsenal of other essential oils and oil-infused products to help us handle whatever comes our way.  I never would have dreamed we would use oils this much or help so many others change their lives by using oils, but here we are. And I wouldn’t change a thing.

Where will it begin for you?

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