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Teacher and mom who is passionate about oils! 

Someone asked me one day how I’m able to survive as a teacher of littles with all the “ickies” going around.

The truth is, years ago, my body used to succumb to every bug around, and it was taking a toll on me and my job. Looking through my Facebook memories, every other memory was “Ugh, sick again!” A couple of years later I had Grayson, and then my posts turned into “Ugh, the baby is sick again” and “Now I’ve caught it!” It was such a tiring cycle.

Three and a half years ago, I had had enough. I was looking for something, anything, that could break this cycle. I wanted health and wellness for my family.

Now, I do everything I can to support my immune system to keep it strong so it can do its job. Grayson and I drink our “Ninja” juice every morning, I diffuse and apply my oils to all of us (including our two English bulldogs!), and I have been replacing toxic household and personal care products with all natural ones. It’s so exciting to see and feel where this path is taking me and my family!

If this sounds like something you’re wanting for your family too, I’d love to help you start your oily journey!

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B.S. Elementary Education, M.Ed. Dyslexia Therapy
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Teacher and Dyslexia Therapist
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Using essential oils since October 19, 2014
MS essential oils
YL Executive in Picayune, MS
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Young Living Member #: 2163672

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