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on December 23, 2015

I hope you learned something new from our first set of tips on maintaining winter wellness that you can implement to help you stay well! Here is the next set of tips from the Blessed & Oily team to help you even more!

Tip #9

Oil Pulling

How many of you have heard of or have tried oil pulling before?

I believe that oil pulling is a simple yet highly effective way of supporting our oral health!

So what is oil pulling? Simply put, it is the idea of swishing oil in your mouth for 20 minutes to breakdown and remove plaque and toxins.

How does one do it?

1) Scoop a small amount (1-3 teaspoons) of coconut oil out with a spoon. Yes, it will most likely be solid.

Tip: I LOVE adding essential oil to my coconut oil before putting it in my mouth. I usually use thieves. Orange would be a great choice or even spearmint, peppermint, or frankincense.

2) Put the coconut oil in your mouth and, as it melts, begin swishing it around and pulling it in and out of your teeth.

3) Continue swishing for 20 minutes. The timing is important. Set a timer and start your morning routine as you swish! Some people partake in light exercise while oil pulling for added benefits.

4) When 20 minutes has passed, spit the oil into the trash can (not sink). It will be milky and thicker with yucky toxins and plaque buildup.

5) Rinse your mouth out to remove any leftover oil.

I have been oil pulling for nearly 2 years now and have definitely seen a difference in my oral health! I love starting my day off this way and am very pleased with the results!

Caroline Jernigan, Young Living Silver

Tip #10


These are great for your body! We use this word often but what is it exactly?

In simple terms, an antioxidant is a molecule that prevents the oxidization of other molecules. Oxidization leads to the formation of free radicals, which eventually cause cell death or damage. Antioxidants defuse a negative situation that could arise in your cells!

So you need them!

Antioxidants are measured on a scale called the ORAC scale (ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity). Here is a list of the top 10 foods that contain antioxidants. At the top of that list is Goji berry. Wolfberries are often referred to as Goji berries in China. Young Living’s wolfberries come from the NingXia region of China and due to the minerals in the soil that come from the Yellow river, our NingXia wolfberries are actually higher on the scale than a non-NingXia wolfberry!

Young Living offers an awesome product in NingXia Red, which has the main ingredient of NingXia wolfberries. You can defuse those negative situations with free radicals by getting a good dose of antioxidants and other essential nutrients daily just by drinking 1 oz. of NingXia Red!

Jennifer Williams, Young Living Silver

Tip #11


What are probiotics? Good bacteria! Probiotics are an essential part of our gut health. Did you know: Nutrients in the bowels are absorbed into the blood stream. Your bowels are the command center for your immune system and of course they also eliminate waste! Probiotics help support healthy bowels and prevent the proliferation of harmful bacteria.

Especially take probiotics after antibiotics. If you take one round of antibiotics, it helps get rid of the bad bacteria- but it doesn’t discriminate. It also kills the good bacteria. If you don’t repopulate the good bacteria, it leaves your immune system lowered and can increase your risk of having reoccurring sickness. Additionally new research has discovered what they are calling the “gut brain”- they are linking an imbalance in the gut to things like ADD and autism in children, and depression and metal fogginess in adults.

Probiotics daily are important because we are also exposed to antibiotics in our daily food supply (herbicides, animal feed, etc). Kefir, yogurt, or for those that can’t do dairy, perhaps kombucha or fermented vegetables are also a good supply of good bacteria.

We put a lot of junk in our system. We eat fast food, lots of sugar, and have low fiber diet – we need probiotics. Lower your sugar intake because bad bacteria thrive on sugar and even can make you crave more sugar.

A good ratio of good bacteria/bad bacteria is 85/15. It is recommended to take probiotic pills early in the morning before eating. Also give them to your children because healthy gut bacteria are integral to their immune system. Probiotics help the body manufacture Vitamin B, improve nutrient absorption, support immune function, improve digestion, and reduce yeast growth.

By all means, use a probiotic that has multiple strains and is coated to make it past your stomach acid. (Stomach acid is designed to kill bacteria–so you are likely wasting your money if it is not coated to make it to the right location in your intestine.)

Young Living’s probiotic Life 5 differs from others because it contains 5 strains of probiotics. Most others do not contain that many strains. (A common one that is seen on the shelf at a national drugstore only contains 1 strain.)

Life 5 builds and restores core intestinal health by providing five clinically proven probiotic strains including two advanced super strains to enhance intestinal health, sustain energy and improve immunity. Life 5 contains 10 billion active cultures and improves colonization up to 10 times.

Alicia Ellis, Young Living Silver

Tip #12

Healthy Foods

It is so eye opening to peek inside someone else’s fridge or pantry to see what foods they are eating compared to what you are eating, isn’t it? Have you ever glanced over in the next person’s grocery cart to see what foods they are stocking up on and feeding to their family? I don’t want to encourage the “comparison game” in anyone, but I know I am not the only one!

This healthy journey is all about taking tiny steps in the right direction and a great starting place is with our eating habits!

We all know to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables. You’ve heard of eating the rainbow. These are great tips to keep in mind when filling your plates at mealtimes.

Something I would add, though, is to eat a healthy amount of FAT! That’s right, fat! Repeat this important phrase over and over again with me: eating fat doesn’t make you fat.

Eating fat doesn't make you fat

Fats are essential to your health and body’s wellness! Eating eggs (especially the egg yolks), avocados, REAL butter, full fat yogurt and milk, and nuts and seeds are all great sources of healthy fats.

Other great foods to incorporate into your diet during the winter months are bone broths (homemade when possible), garlic, onions, pomegranates, and frozen fruit from the summer harvests.

Remember to mostly avoid sugar as it is void of nutrients and curbs hunger which keeps you from eating REAL foods.

No one can eat perfectly, but something helpful to keep in mind is that we have a choice with each bite we take: we can either bring health or harm to our bodies through our food choices. Let’s eat to nourish and heal!

Caroline Jernigan, Young Living Silver

Tip #13

Master Formula

As you probably know by now, we need all the help we can get when it comes to nutrients. Most Americans generally eat a diet void of essential vitamins and minerals. So check out Young Living’s awesome new multi-vitamin called Master Formula. It naturally supports general health and well-being for the body. It contains gut flora supporting prebiotics, antioxidants, vitamins, & minerals. It has no preservatives, no artificial stimulants, and no artificial colors. It’s Vegan Vitamin D3, organic food-derived folate and wide spectrum of B vitamins, and vegetarian friendly! No folic acid, no vitamin D2, and includes high quality vitamin K2. I seriously doubt there is a better vitamin option on the market! You know your body will thank you when you give it all these nutrients it needs!

Jennifer Williams, Young Living Silver

Don’t miss the final tip to maintain winter wellness!

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